Error : Siphoning Diesel from Vehicle to BASE tank

Consistently reoccurring reproducable error.
I have siphoned from vehicle to vehicle using hose.
Just moved frame through wall to use immobile HOME base as Gas Station.
Trying to fill tank 200L with Diesel from Semi parked out side (adjacent and 1 space) and exactly same error each time even after restart.

(first time Poster)

have gotten the same error. except reverse, could not siphon FROM a truck into my vehicle. or into a jerrycan. was only the one truck, the other vehicles nearby could be siphoned from, so something in that particular vehicle is broken.

Tx Tarburst
I have been testing - Diesel only truck unable to siphon to stationary BASE tanks, but ok to siphon to jerry can and another drivable vehicle.
Tested another drivable Vehicle Diesel and repeated exact same error to wheel-less BASE .
Filling BASE from jerry can is Successful no problem both with siphoning from BASE…
Just appears drivable vehicles to immobile BASE having empty 200L and 60L tanks and also with diesel primed with diesel tanks have been tested all failing.
Even moving water gas or diesel between BASE and vehicle causes error.

So what version?

Also to get this straight. Anything being taken FROM a vehicle TOO a non-vehicle is the error?

I keep my version upto date as of reporting. Experimental.
Examine Semi Truck or Armoured Car
Siphon (any liquid) FROM vehicle destination was the BASE ( a 200 L tank or 60 L tank ) installed with empty tanks for this purpose.
The stationary base will be collecting BIODIESEL once mixed to be a Gas Station for my Heavy Vehicles.

The BASE is technically a vehicle. I can Siphone from Semi or Armoured Car TO a container held or nearby but not built into BASE.

I believe I also managed to siphon from Semi to Armoured Car

Zone Wiz

BASE is the name of the vehicle. (just FYI clarificaton)

Yeah . Home base or Base. no wheels lots of tanks for fluids empty and primed for each type.
Built in a mansion with a pool for water beside the base.