Cant refill fuel tank

found a motor cycle. drove it .it ran out of gas. got a jerry can of gas.

pressed ‘e’, but no matter where I stand next to the motorcycle itsays no fuel tank. how can the motorcylce have run if there is no fuel tank? How do i refuel it?

I do ‘e’ to bring up the car interaction screen and then ‘f’. I did it from every point next to the motorcycle

You are supposed to cycle between parts and see if there is one. To me this sounds like your gas tank broke, or something like that.

You need to select the section of the vehicle that contains the gas tank, and the f in refill at the top of the screen should light up.

I got that to work on a motorcycle. I have a flatbed. Drove it. stoppped. not out of gas. I am standing next tot he car. Found where the gas tank is. I highlight that area. IT is ‘red’. Does that mean the has tank is broken? I dont get the option to refill. When I try to press ‘f’, it says 'no gas tank here.

also, where do you find power welders? Does not appear to be craftable. I dont see it on the wiki. I have not found one yet in any game I have played.

looks like that or an integrated toolset (Which is rare also) is needed for vehicle repair.

tank isnt broken. I was able to refill it at a gas station. however, when i move around the vehicle after press ‘e’, and get to where the fuel tank is, i never get ‘f’ highlighted. it justs says no gas tank here.

Trying to fill a full tank gives the same message as trying to fill a tile with no tank. If that tank is full and your vehicle’s fuel gauge isn’t; It’s possible you might have multiple gas tanks in the vehicle.

welders can be found in garages you also need welding goggles

Are you actually carrying a container with gasoline in it? It won’t work if it’s just nearby.

It’s also possible that you burned out the engine driving too fast.

If Ballfairy’s screencaps are any indication, there’s plenty of notice for engine damage. youtoo ought to know if xe burned out the engine.

To get a powered welder, you need to get a welder from a garage, and "R"eload it with batteries.

You can find welders in Common Works buildings too.

just to note, if the part in the vehicle screen is RED, it is in very bad condition but not dead yet. If it is light grey, that part is destroyed and you will need a welder to fix it. For wheels this can be a problem, as you’ll need an entire new wheel so always make sure to repair your wheels, engines and other stuff you can’t afford to lose, that way it only costs a few batteries in your welder.

Shredded wheel + Welder = Fixed wheel.
Cata logic :wink:

Is it currently possible to siphon gas from other vehicles? …From what I can tell, it’s not…

It’s a feature in the dev versions, but not in the main version.
Latest fixes and features. Updated nightly. Enjoy your siphoning.