Can I make a 64x64 tile set?

A.K.A The character and any other ordinarily sized objects are 64x64

According to my (limited) knowledge about tilesets: Yes. You should be able to use 64x64 as a base tile size.
Not sure how it performs, though, it might slow the game down.

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Yes you can, here s some doc on tilesets Cataclysm-DDA/ at 050e934d5bbf3af11f51ff9a81134a257743ae12 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

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Aww man, this community rocks, one day and I got an answer, thanks so much y’all, I have a really beefy PC so it should be able to run it, but I guess I have a project to keep busy with now!

*Not even a full day

Also, I do realize it’s not about my pc specs, but more about the games optimization.

64x64 tileset will not cause major prpblems untill you reach a very high number of drawn tile. And it will “just” take more ram but it won’t affect anything else.

Also here s a link to the tileset discord Cataclysm Tileset Project where we discuss work on the tilesets included with the game, it’s a good place to ask questions if you need more help woth your tileset.

Thanks! I decided that I probably wont be working on it, as I am working on other hobbies, and this looks like it would take quite a bit of dedication to get done, but my initial plan was to upscale the UltiCal Tileset, so maybe in the future as I won’t need to completely remake a tileset.

A more approchable thing would be to just contribute sprites to existing tilesets when you feel like it.