What is the largest tile size the game can run?

Heya lads, I was wondering on how big of a tileset size does the game support? Is there a top limit or anything?

from what i have seen, based on a default size from the terrain (sinse all terrain is divided in squares, since im to lazy to check the measures in pixels) there are trees, that i believe are like 3 squares high and like 1.5 to 3 squares width. then tehre is the beagle tank and mecha robots are like 2x2, the arcana mod has a dragon that i guess is like 1.5x3.

although all entities have a just a square to target, so i dare to say that as long as it doesnt blog the screen or it causes problems hiding items behind the sprite, any size go, could be wrong though

It depends on you environment, there are no limits in the code.

There are roughly 10,000 tiles in a full tileset, with more being needed all the time. You’re limited by your system memory, but large tiles add up quickly.

The largest tiles in any of the current tilesets are 160x128, IIRC, and not many of them are that large.