Can I knockout NPCs

I know there is the chloroform rag however it seems it requires that the npc be a follower and so they are using it on themselves. So it there a way I can modify the chloroform rag or otherwise “knockout” an unallied NPC.

Currently there’s no way to do that. Plus you can’t do much with a non ally npc anyway so that would not be very usefull.

I assumed he was speaking about possibly sneaking up on an NPC (like a bandit) and knocking them out ?

Fresh meat is always a good thing :innocent:


It could be useful if you see the NPC has something you really want or need but is either wearing it or you’re unable to trade for it. You would effectively just be mugging them.

Or you could go the sadistic route and begin butchering while they’re unconscious. :innocent:

I should have mentioned that this is to steal the refugee center merc’s m4 without having to murder everyone.

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