Dialogue options for hostile enemies "interrogate, scare off, recruit"

I sometimes think it seems kind of a waste to just outright kill some of the npcs. I’ve become so much of a bionic monster now that I can easily pin and disarm raiders under certain conditions, but I can’t help but think there should be a better way to use them than just eat them.
It would be nice if you could still talk to hostile NPCs if your intimidation skill was high enough, so you could find things like bandit locations or gear stashes, or employ good old “strong should rule the weak” mentality they’re so fond of to recruit them

If I read correctly (a while ago), somewhere deep in the forums, the people working on NPC interactions have this sort of thing far down their list. Eventually, after the work on neutral/friendly NPCs, faction camps, whatever else related stuff.

I believe their goals lie towards fleshing out what players can already interact with, like the refugee centre, assigning tasks to NPCs.

It’d be neat to apply a purifier syringe to a pinned bandit and have a chance to calm him down via curing blob psychosis.

unfortunately I don’t think that its the blob that made them mad but just desperation
I still haven’t researched the blob entirely though so I don’t know if that’s what it does

Blob psychosis is a thing in the lore, high concentrations of the blob in your system can start to overwhelm your immune system and one of the side-effects as it tries to take over can be chemical imbalances in the brain.