NPC commands, some things that would be nice for them

A command where you can tell them what weapon they would use in combat, cause a lighter isn’t an effective weapon
-Something that lets you change what they are wearing :stuck_out_tongue: yolo survivor gang with all survivor suits
-Pulp corpses command, to where they will pulp corpses that have revival tag on them,
-perhaps favored items for that type of npc where they will ignore other items depending on what they are… kinda based on factions
-Train, where you can train your survivors to be op

  • Grab command, tell a survivor to grab a shopping cart or something and double your storage :stuck_out_tongue:

A dialogue option to disable their kleptomania would be nice, I am tired of telling NPCs to wait at my base only for them to steal everything not nailed to the floor or on fire.

I second what John said. I learned about the kleptomania part the hard way after taking on my first companion the other day. First thing she does is dash inside my base and clear out my weapon stockpile. Women, I swear. (jk,jk)

Possible workaround: Make a small room that’s door is blocked off by a fireplace
Either they wont go into the room, or if you decide to make a cannibal then you’ll have pre-cooked meat

Or, y’know, just beat the shit out of them and drag their corpses out to the funeral pyre.