How get rid of a companion

I managed to convince one of NPC joined to me. But, after some time passed in my journey, i found that i can’t just say him “go away”. How get rid of companion, and does it really possible without killing him?

There is no way to my knowledge, unfortunately. Except maybe you could build a bulletin board in a random place, and just leave him there forever. You’ll have to assign him to the board first, though, and I have no idea what will happen if you get too far from him.

I very much wish you could just tell them to stay. In any occasion where I actually enlist an NPC, I want him to stay because I want him to teach me things but I don’t have enough disposable bartering chips.

i dont think they have really worked on npcs for a long time due to issues with them. I think they plan on adding lots of features when they get to them. maybe when the mod engine is done, someone can write npc mods?

I find a few zombies can get rid of them pretty easily once they’ve taught me all they know, or decide to charge for their services.

Maybe you could chain them to a bulletin board in the middle of nowhere as bait? Steel chains need more uses anyway.

Have you tried giving him lead pill?

NPC work is supposed to be coming up in a month provided Galen doesn’t attempt to eat a lighter and crash reality.

…Stupid NPC’s eating lighters.