Caliber in weapon name


This mod adds the gun caliber to gun names. For example “Calico M960” is renamed into “Calico M960 (9mm)”.

This makes it easier to identify suitable weapons and to manage a crate full of weapons.

Note that many weapons can use multiple different ammo types. The name will only include one.

Some of the used calibers are debatable. For example all guns that use 5.56 NATO/.223 have .223 in their name since that is what the game thinks they use. But 5.56 is maybe more common ammo to find so that may be better.

Weapons that already had the caliber in the name still had the caliber added to the name. This makes sure you can find all the right guns when you search for “(9mm”.

I may have missed some weapons. Also some weapons have completely useless “name_plural” that does nothing as it is same as singular name. Those were easy to miss and few probably have passed though.

Sample of how it looks when searching for “(9mm” in advanced inventory.

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Brilliant! This is incredibly useful :+1: