Butch, Femme, and Androgyne traits

[ul]A lot of clothing and decorative items in-game are gender-neutral (pants, jackets, etc.), but several aren’t - I think it would be nifty to have traits akin to the Stylish trait to reflect these.

[li]Butch - gain bonuses when wearing male-coded clothes such as ties, blazers, and suits; penalties when wearing female-coded clothes such as barrettes, skirts, and dresses.[/li]
[li]Femme - as Butch, but reversed.[/li]
[li]Androgyne - gain bonuses when wearing both male- and female-coded clothing; suffer penalties when predominantly wearing clothes coded for one gender.[/list][/ul]

If shaving or makeup are ever incorporated into the game, those can affect Butch/Femme/Androgyne presentation as well.

At one point we had a gender-based trait, it was eventually converted into the stylish trait we have now. Basic problem is that there is very few clothes that can be considered “male” compared to the amount that can be considered “female” (guys have maybe tuxes and kilts, girls have all manner of dresses, skirts, etc.), so there was an intrinsic advantage to playing a male character with the traits. As a result we went to the current stylish trait, since it could treat both genders equally (which is something we try to do when possible).

So yeah, already been tried and eventually decided against.

Shaving and makeup fails too as women can and do have facial hair. You’re not supposed to notice it, but it happens.

KA101, having a substantial beard, approves of female facial hair.

And it detracts considerably from current average perception of ‘female beauty’.

Everyone in Cata is wearing a scarf or balaclava or gasmask or something anyways. Nobody in 2041 New England is gonna notice or care if you shaved your legs or not under your army pants and reinforced chitinous leg guards or whatever.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the feedback!