Burning bodies for bones

i think it would be effective if when a body is burned they will drop a cleaned Skeleton(cleaned as in won’t revive) as this Skeleton can be turned in to bones. note zombie bodies with give cleaned tainted Skeleton and give tainted bones while normal bodies with just give Skeletons.

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Burning a corpse would likely destroy the bones, however it could be used to make bone-based concrete for construction

actually in reality most of the flesh would have survived being burned in like a fireplace. and same with the bones most bodies that are burned away are done at a very very high heat not something a burning building will do often. let alone a fireplace.

"People generally believe that burning a body destroys the evidence of how a victim was killed. A wood fire burns at a temperature of between 800 and 900 degrees centigrade. In a crematorium where a body is supposed to be fully reduced to ash, the temperatures are considerably higher, varying from 1100 to 1500 degrees centigrade. Even in this situation, the bones are not fully decomposed and the large fragments are then ground up in the final preparation."https://www.officer.com/home/article/10250502/burning-evidence

what I mean is they likely wouldn’t end up strong enough for use in crafting, burnt bones are still fairly brittle

Don’t forget that you need twice as many tainted bones for any crafting recipe, (like 36 for bone armor boots, as opposed to 18 regular bones) implying that they’re weaker than regular bones to start with.

i was talking both normal bodies like from found human corpses and zombie corpses

its not like the game would care that much and if the flesh still lasts after a fire in reallife i’m pretty sure the bones would be fine

Ah, nevermind then. I saw “skeleton” and just kinda went from there.

i can understand with the skeleton enemy. tho those enemys or more zombie covered in a bone shell