Fire pit is not fully burning things

Dug a pit near an apartment complex that I was intending to use to burn all of the zombie bodies. However it seems that the fire is not actually burning things to completion. In the fire is a plank, a bunch of corpses, and misc clothing that I don’t want. Yet when it finishes, the burnt plank and the corpses are still there. Some of the clothing burnt, but about a third of it is still there (mostly leather stuff). Seems like it should be burning everything, or at least finishing off the plank.

Edit: managed to get things burned by dismembering the corpses first, then burning the refuse, but still not sure why the corpses & plank did not burn.

Corpses take a lot of effort to burn. I generally dismember them and burn the bits. I keep the bones on hand for glue.

The plank should have fully burned so long as it wasn’t raining, though I wonder if the pile of corpses interferes with that?

Yeah, that’s odd. Are you sure it didn’t start raining or snowing?

Weather was cloudy, but it wasn’t raining or snowing. Figure it’s probably something like Trigon says, in that the corpses are so hard to burn that they swamp the plank.

Once I dismembered the initial corpses and got a really big fire already going it burned newly added intact corpses without issue.