Bunch of observations 2


  • in a lab, there was stairs under a display rack in an “armoury section”. The stairs led down to a 3x3 rooms section, totally separated from the rest of the lab. In another lab i found an upstairs, which was “under” a chair.
  • found a room, where secubots guarded some cbms. Damaged cbm in computer manifest looked like this: <color_magenta>|. Solar Panels CBM
  • weight in the inventory and in the advanced inventory are not the same. My character can hold 61.0 kg stuff without being overburdened. In the adv. inv. the weight was 61.0 and the character was overburdened. In the inventory the weight was 61.1
  • cloning vats are always empty, there are no mutated body parts in them anymore.
  • Skitterbots can shock me while dielectric capacitance system is on.
  • Incorrect string concatenation “From the west hear You listen to some pumping bass.”


  • used a petrified eye on a strange temple pedestal and save the game after the earth rumbled twice. After load, the temple stay closed.
  • I created a downstairs into this temple and on the second floor, the “fire passage” ended in a blob pit.
  • i tried to “write on an item” with a knife on an artifact. The message was: You can’t itchy disk because of the material it is made of.
  • power armor does not protect from toxic gas. Enviroment protection is only 10


  • In a mine at a downstairs the game warned me: “There is a LOT of heat coming out of there. Descend anyway?”. Down there was a streak of lava as usual, nothing serious, like a pool of lava what i found under a house once. I get the same message at upstairs when there is a lava above.
  • blobs should go through fences.
  • if i take a careful aim and i lost my target (smoke, fire etc), i shot the closest monster instead my target.
  • deep underground (-6 level) in a mine or a lab, i can list the objects around the player with the ‘V’ key, but i can’t see while i doing it, like when i’m in a dark room without a lightsource.
  • in the inventory i can’t see the number of bullets in the spare magazine
  • npc has rotten food in their inventory.
  • butchered broken cyborg should drop some scrap metal, electronic items and human meat.
  • some cbm implanting is just too hard. With 16 int (10 default +2 int from cbm and +4 from artifact), 10 electronic, 8 first aid and 8 mechanic the chance to fail is still 24%.
  • power armor helmet is too rare. I found more then ten power armors and 2 power armor haulers before i finally found a helmet.


  • road suddenly ends in a deep river, looks like the road map tile overwrote a river tile.
  • dissector is not destroyable. I can’t attack it, also when i set the whole room on fire and everything was destroyed except the dissectors.
  • firearms shoot one bullet in burst mode.


  • When i try to drop all my clothes on me with the advanced inventory, after the the “Really remove all your clothes? (woo woo)” question, nothing happens. Still i can remove them one by one.
  • Integrated toolset cbm needs a menu where we can repair items with it.
  • List items (‘V’ key) should be remember the last selected sorting.


  • make the hospital computers needed for cbm implanting. It would give more challenge.
  • amigara horrors can stun character with good armor forever. I had to kill the cdda process because of this. I suggest a special FEAR_PARALYZE monster attack for the amigara horrors, which works only while the amigara effect exists.

I like the idea of using hospital computers for CBM installation.

As for the bugs: stairs under furniture have been around forever.

those peksy hidden stairs! one has to always be careful not to miss 'em.