Bunch of menu stuff that has probably been suggested before

-Repeat Key

Press a button that does what you just did.
So instead of applying a bandage (a and then hunting/memorizing its letter),
do that once, and then press the repeat key and the magical code will do the rest. - takes you to the bandage menu
Pressing this key will also use similar items (configurable?) so say if you have two stacks of bandages with different letters,
it will exhaust the first stack and then figure out which letter correlates to that second stack and press it for you.

-Intuitive Unloading/Dumping menu.

Makes gasoline/alcohol trails and various other actions easier in conjunction with the repeat key.
So give dumped stuff a volume amount when it gets dumped on the floor.
If said volume exceeds a certain amount it will attempt to dump in an adjacent tile (and try and keep it in a circular pattern).
Dumping into pits would increase the amount you can dump.
Pressing the extended unload key(whatever it may be) will allow you to specify how much to unload.
For example setting a jerry can full of gasoline to dump 1 unit of gasoline (instead of the whole lot) each time the key is pressed would allow you to make trails easier(in conjunction with repeat Set dump, move 1 square, press r, repeat process)

-able to set amount to spawn within the wish menu
Basically what it says on the tin, would be useful for testing dumping mechanics.

There was something else I was going to scream about but I have forgotten.

Make everything better.

I think the specifics of the Repeat key might need to be altered, but the idea sounds good, especially when concerning items with charges, ie water.