Strange behaviour when disassembling ammo

I just noticed a really weird behaviour that is almost certainly a bug. This likely applies to disassembling anything that asks “Disassemble how many?” but I noticed it when taking apart bullets for the smokeless powder. In other menus when asked “How many”, for example the advanced inventory management panel, giving the game a number higher than the maximum just uses the maximum instead. When disassembling ammo I gave the game an obscenely high number because I was going through several stacks of ammo one at a time and didn’t want to pay attention and I noticed suddenly my character started acting like they were actually disassembling far more items than the maximum.

To explain better: I did a test on a totally fresh vanilla mods world to be sure. I made a new character, spawned a kinetic bullet puller and about 20 rounds of 00 shot. Then I split it into a pile of 15 and a pile of 3. I went to the pile of 15 and pressed B to butcher and typed in 15 when asked how many and it took under a second real time to complete. Then I went over the pile of 3 and when prompted how many I typed in 150000 and the disassembly progress never completed because after waiting almost a minute it had not progressed beyond 1% completion. I tried again with B and this time typed in 100 when asked and the disassembly took a bit longer than the stack of 15 but completed and rewarded the correct amount of powder, lead, primer, etc.


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