Built my first Base ever. (with pic)

I just build my first base ever in-game, and I’m in love with it. I never really bothered with base building before now, i would just use whatever pr-existing building i could find that looked nice. it took me all spring, and half a summer to complete, and even though its not the most fancy base all that hard work I put into it made me super invested in this survival run

With editing magic here is the blueprint:

Cave side Base 1.0
-I used a Cave as a back wall. It saved me some time, and it makes me feel a bit safer knowing nothing will break in from that side.
-It has a little courtyard so i don’t wake up with a bear watching me though the window.
-The little door on the side holds a Go Bag I found. I thought it would make a neat spot for it.
-I’ll be adding more to this base as time goes on, and post them here!

That’s actually a pretty tidy little base. Repurposing buildings does get dull after a while.

Mass storage is going to become a problem unless you expand, methinks, but that’s a ways down the line. Around the time you have about a full car’s worth of metal stuffed in a box somewhere.

I’ve been procrastinating on my castle I want to build… mostly because I just read my way through half of summer in my Ramming Caravan living off of stocked up food. And you’re right that the time investment is huge… Just seeing all this concrete and wood I’ll have to gather is making me nervous.

Ya, base buildings a real grinder

Ya, base buildings a real grinder[/quote]

It is, but it’s crazy fun. = ) Especially creating multi z-level constructions.