Building on distrobox Fedora 40 with Tiles and Sound and first play feedback

Hey, thanks for the great game experience.

I wanted to play the latest experimental but only the linux curses config was prebuilt, so I compiled from source. I’m not a dev, rarely compile anything, but can make my way through a Gentoo OS install and config if time is not a factor. Anyways, these are the commands I used to build on Fedora 40 using a distrobox container… and the ones that did not work for whatever reason while I spammed commands based on this page docs cataclysmdda org/COMPILING/COMPILING.html:

  • $ distrobox create --image fedora:40 --name zombie --additional-packages “bat python glibc zlib bzip2 gettext ncurses gcc g++ make ccache jq”

There was not a freetype2 package that matched, but after looking at ‘$ dnf info freetype’, it is on version 2.13, so that satisfies the requirement.

  • dnf install freetype

The following also failed for some reason that is beyond my pay grade. The compile times on a 12th gen i7 were under 10 minutes so, no big deal. There was some error about ‘plugin needed to handle lto object’ that caused the linker to fail error 2, or something like that. Not sure what that was about. I wasn’t trying to document, and am not here to complain; just saying what I know and what worked.

  • dnf install clang
  • make -j$(nproc) CCACHE=1 LTO=1 TILES=1 SOUND=1 LOCALIZE=0 RELEASE=1 CLANG=1

Finally this one worked:

make -j$(nproc) TILES=1 SOUND=1 LOCALIZE=0 RELEASE=1 CLANG=1

I’m a total noob… I intuitively assumed I needed to build from the latest release source at Releases · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub. Is there an easier way I can use git to clone these releases like a branch or something? I have cloned stuff dozens of times, and messed with branches like, ones of times, but have never cloned a release in a way I can script and stay up to date with the latest.

I have greatly appreciated the way I can slow the game down in its progression to let myself really take it in and explore without feeling rushed. That has been a fun experience. Thanks again.