Building Graphical on Linux (and other Linux Q&A)

no. whatever it was stopped and now I get no returns from the input just the same prompt

Okay, check and see if the binary is there. Usually no response to a command in Unix-land means “okay, I did what you asked, and nothing went wrong.”

the makefile ? runnning ./Cataclysm-DDA still claims no directory

You should be in the Cataclysm-DDA directory. The binary will just be called “cataclysm” or maybe “cataclysm-tiles”.

have a cataclysm-tiles and a cataclysm-launcher

Ah must’ve been a typo it works!!!

Cool! Glad it’s working now. It can be a pain to set up a compile environment first time around.

Apparently XD

Thanks to both of you for getting me set straight. I learned a lot despite how much hand holding I required through that.

Oh Gawd this is simply Glorious. Thank you so much. Fell sooo much beter now

Glad to help, and hope you learned a bit more about apt-get.

apt-get was what I was most familiar with of that.

Oh yeah, protip: If you’re playing a particular version and it works, but you’re going to update because you want to try out the latest, do a git tag worksforme or something before you do a git pull.
If the new version is buggy or something, you can go back to the last one with git checkout worksforme, or if it turns out the new version is fine, you can just update the tag by running the first command again.

mmm works for me. good to know thanks

Is that a general command, or CDDA specific?

That’s just a git thing. You can mark any particular commit with a tag. The main CDDA repo has tags for versions from 0.1 to 0.C already.

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Whats the best way to sh ~/Path/To/catacysm-tiles in such a way that I can alias it?

BTW Happy Birthday Mantar ^.^

I have a $HOME/bin/ directory here I put scripts to fire stuff up from the command line, after adding PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin to my .bashrc. It makes adding new scripts a snap.
Alternately, just tack alias cdda="~/Path/To/catacysm-tiles" onto your .bashrc and it’ll get auto-aliased when you log in.

You could also set up a .desktop file to make a desktop launcher if you’re into that. Does CDDA have an official icon? I haven’t looked in ages.

I’ve pulled icons that are official enough out of the files. The dripping Z w/ a transparent background looks pretty sweet. For that alone I’ll have to do that too. Thanks for reminding me.

I’ll definitely practice with the examples you gave. And probably default to them when I’m not feeling especially lazy.

Ok I’ve spent what feels like the last hour looking for this command I could swore I just read about last week, and told myself not to forget.

PLEASE tell me there is in fact a command to run a demo of the following script/ simulate the following script. I have googled unsuccessfully.