Street name, house number, etc

I don’t know if you like this idea.
Perhaps it would be also interesting to see the name of the hospital, police station, schools, etc.

That also adds a possibility to generate more interesting journals and mission description.

That sounds like an interesting idea to me. If I understand correctly, there’s already code in the game for procedural generation of town names.

Yeah I like this idea, schools, hospitals, highways always have names that are RNG friendly.

I dunno about addresses though, since cities are not created in any logical order that a numbering system would make sense for and I don’t think you’ll be able to order pizza in the game so much.

Yeah, and there’s no multi-floored building like an apartment at all (so, door numbers are not necessary for now). Maybe it’s easier to add a name than a number, for example, Gonzalez’s hourse (so items spawns inside it can have a prefix as well).

Any reason why every house in-game should have a name? Might be interesting, but without the people attached to those names, seems like a memory hog long-term.