Build 8823 Crash during character creation

Starting a new game using Only Dark Days Ahead, no other mods at all.
Creates the world, loads up the character creation, as soon as I tab over to where the stats are modified the game crashes.

CRASH LOG FILE: config/crash.log VERSION: 0.D-2076-gc71b04b TYPE: Signal MESSAGE: SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault STACK TRACE: @0x5603C5[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x1603C5] @0x560E92[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x160E92] SMPEG_error+0x4B034@0xE42BC0[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0xA42BC0] _C_specific_handler+0x8C@0x77007388[ntdll.dll+0x57388] _chkstk+0x9D@0x7701BF7D[ntdll.dll+0x6BF7D] RtlInitializeResource+0x53A@0x76FF043A[ntdll.dll+0x4043A] KiUserExceptionDispatcher+0x2E@0x7701B61E[ntdll.dll+0x6B61E] @0x8542AA[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x4542AA] @0x85D44F[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x45D44F] @0x85DC84[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x45DC84] @0x82CA1A[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x42CA1A] @0x842DF3[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x442DF3] @0x880D28[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x480D28] @0x4DE1E1[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0xDE1E1] @0x4E1102[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0xE1102] @0x4E1192[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0xE1192] @0xB440F3[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x7440F3] @0xB97144[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x797144] @0xA10134[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x610134] @0xA1DD05[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x61DD05] @0x83BEBA[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x43BEBA] @0x83F4F0[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x43F4F0] IMG_LoadWEBP_RW+0x4F8C40@0x142D670[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x102D670] @0x4013ED[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x13ED] @0x4014FB[cataclysm-tiles.exe+0x14FB] BaseThreadInitThunk+0xD@0x76EA571D[kernel32.dll+0x1571D] RtlUserThreadStart+0x1D@0x7700385D[ntdll.dll+0x5385D]

8824 should fix that, it’s in progress right now.

Great news, I am on the edge of my seat to be able to play again, using the reworked zombie spawns and evolution mechanics.

Do you know if this is also going to address the crash that appears to be related to ash creation from fires?

Something to due with this perhaps?
src/assign.h:46 [void report_strict_violation(JsonObject&, const string&, const string&)] line 996:14: assignment does not update value

"material": "powder_nonflam",
"volume": 0.1,
"ammo_type": "components",
"count": 100

Looks like it to me.

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Sweet! :smile:

About 10 more minutes!!! Bah it lied!! lol, so close though

8824 is released now.

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Just finished updating, gonna fire it up, hopefully you wont be seeing me again too soon :wink:
Thanks Again!

Looking good on this side. Thanks for awesome work!

Everything has been going smoothly thus far! :grin: