Crafting/repairing crash

I’m getting some inconsistent crashes while craft and repairing some very damaged pants. Here is what I assume is all of the relevant info:

Also, updating the game with the launcher removes the Even More Mutations mod from my /data/mods folder. I didn’t notice it the first time around and I actually loaded, played, and saved on my current crashing character before I noticed the mods absence and I reinstalled it.

I’m getting this one too. I thin it has to do with the change in weight of ash. As soon as ash is created (like in the brazier) the game crashes.

  • Shane

Definitely appears to be related to the creation of ash, I have encountered this same issue, and its basically made the game unplayable…unfortunate as I really wanted to play with the new zombie spawn and evolution mechanics. :frowning:

Was on build 8821 , 8823 just came through, gonna try that and hope its fixed. Still crashing :frowning:

Nope, build 8823 and still happens the crash because of ash u.u

Nope. 8823 is just an archery nerf. You now need an anvil to make the good arrows and the breakage chance seems to have gone way up. Oh, well.

  • Shane

Looks like 8824 is a fix for it!

  • Shane

It is indeed, After this started I decided to start a new game new world, vanilla, and couldnt create characters…lol. fortunately that is getting fixed as well! :wink: