Hard crashes when getting close to FEMA camp. ("SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault")

This is similar to Avalon’s post here. This post also seemed to be running into this error.

As the title says, this crash occurs when approaching a FEMA camp and getting close enough. I recall that there were other times this same crash occurred as well. I’m running the Dino mod and Cars to Wreck mods (usually also run CRIT expansion but thought maybe that was the cause of the crashes on earlier games). Thought it might be the UnDead People tileset - so I switched to Retro Days… same crash. So I turned tilesets off - same crash. Perhaps this is the `mon_null’ issue mentioned in the post linked above. This has also crashed some characters from the very start (game crashes on initial load) - although one thing I tried to do is delete the config folder as it seemed to help someone with a SIGSEGV error in the past. I will try to fully delete the launcher and reinstall the whole game to see if that does anything.

Here’s the crash.log:

I guess this will be fixed when this pull request is merged: