(Build 10632) bugs found during testing

testing out new nested container feature and this is bugs i found during testing :

  1. game slows down after sleeping, after the player goes to sleep the game start to slow down and caused the sleeping process took more than 5 minutes (my session result in 9 minutes long of sleeping) and after the player wakes up, the slow down persist.

  2. every item that requires charge is unable to be reloaded, there is an issue i found on C:DDA github that says items that requires charges is unable to be reloaded, so testing it out in-game and found that items from misc repair kit to tailor’s kit is unable to be reloaded, the message says that it is reloaded but the charge value doesn’t increase (it also destroy the required charge which in my case is duct tape for Misc repair kit)


When I started my character in exp 10634 the game asks me what to do with grape drink or whatever it was because random liquid was spawning, also when I fire all the shots ion my M1 garand mag the mag drops on the ground, and not only can items not be recharged that item that they are being charged with dissapears.

Yea I had a bug where the game gave me an error about my plastic bag not being the right container or some such, and then the bag disappeared.