Can't reload my 641 lb oil lamp :)

huge lamp is huge

As you can tell by the mess on the floor I tried several times. Something still must be happening to the lamp because it wasn’t that heavy the first time I failed to reload it.
I’m on build 10785 but I can’t say for sure after which micro update it may have happened in.

I’m having several other problems…I can’t put dehydrated vegetables into a container, I’m locked out of my main storage because of the invalid ammo type: hexamine thing that crashes my game, and one dose of scourge tea has cured my asthma.

I know it is experimental and bugs are to be expected but I can’t repair anything because my tailor’s kit and welder are in my main storage. even pressing activate or reload near it crashes the game. I’m still playing but I don’t know what I’ll do when my steel spear and chitin armor break :pensive: