The fallen tower is unfinished?

When I met the fallen tower, it looks menacing: endless, fast monsters that run at you and explode, releasing a bunch of toxic gas. And when you go down to the very bottom of this tower, you are met by even more of these monsters, overgrown with flesh walls and floor that slow you down…

and 1 robot.

in fact, I do not understand why this super organism does not seek to kill zombies, it is more bodies, food for it, and they already care.
plus, the monsters from the ruins don’t look like anything… zombie-like?

The most formidable monster can be called work, because almost all of these monsters die from 1 blow, and having a gas mask they are absolutely useless.

I literally descend into a huge, unimaginably dangerous organism, and all I get is a bunch of gas-exploding monsters and some materials?

I understand that this is a place for a mission…
but the hub mission in which I stole memory from a corpse was more difficult, because the zombies there are much more dangerous than the monsters from the ruins.

this place needs something special and dangerous…

the mi go towers instantly have incredibly hot conditions and toxic air. you can do something similar.
you can replace the water in the dungeon with blood fountains that burn your flesh, because super-mutated-acid-blood. In the end, you can add a brain-boss of the location, which will strive to kill you with all its might.

at the moment, the area around the acid anthill is MUCH more dangerous, provided that the tower is a “difficult” mission

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Yeah. The thing is it’s not so easy if you lack a good melee weapon and build. Most of those monsters are hard to hit with a gun so if you’re prone to using a 249 (for example) you’ll probably blow through 500 rounds on this mission. Additionally the robot fires missiles and is a nasty surprise.

I think the mission provides a good challenge for some builds while others may hard counter it. I personally think it’s the best mission implemented in the game at this point. It uses so many different elements- toxic gas + claustrophobic conditions + descending using the grappling hook. I wish many more missions were as creative and demanding of the player. Most of the refugee center is get a thing or kill some guys which is a task easily performed with a glock and 15 rounds or a throwing skill of 1 and a pipebomb.

Furthermore I wish that the hub wanted you to do more with this super organism- like sampling it. Or nuking it.

Thats right, but the only problem that can overtake you is a robot with missiles, and with the help of small tricks it can be destroyed by 1 emp grenade. at the same time, monsters mostly die from 1 hit. shooting is useless here. it’s true.
you walk through the dark corridors of flesh, not knowing how many enemies are left there-you only know that there are many of them. and you can’t take off the gas mask, because it’s equivalent to death, and you have to fight to your death!
but with all this, the location is not felt… something super complicated. it feels like I’m not in a super organism, but only in its outer layer. skin.

there may be more floors and dangers here.

After my small ecspedition in that tower-all what i have-tons of flesh, some toxin-damage and 50 nanomaterials. That location interesting, so items really bad

I think you under estimate how valuable nano materials are. Also, I did find one or two single use blueprints apart from the quest item, and I think the machine to use them was there as well.
There’s also a lot of excavation material, although there are other sources for those as well.

Well, nanomaterials heavy and hard to move item. Hard to move so much items when you in big city where 1/6 all zombies-hulks. And i literaly dont need items from nanoasembler. Weapon? I already have armor and good meele skill, tons of grenades and bionics. Mycus mutations give me INCREDIBLE count of food (over 1000 fruits, and you need only 3-4 for 1 day. I have so much fruits legally and from small forest location infected by flowers. Incredible how much food u can hahe from mycus mutations and small cloud of spores). Now i live in small MiGo tower that i fully clen from stupid heat and toxic air (4 times in 1 step from death, huh), have unholy count of food and books, 4 super big cities behind me and 3 laboratories. I already have all what i need, thats why nanomaterials for me-trash