[BUG] Swearing at the representative of refugee center - towed cart gone

I did some missions for the representativ of the “Free Merchants”. After a while he gave me a mission to infiltrate on of the raiders camps. This throws an error because the game couldn’t find a raiders camp in the world.
After I ignored the message the swearing begun. The representative had the permission of the us government to make me a marshal.
By now I don’t know if the infiltration misson was skipped?

The bug I want to report is but another. My character towed a wheelcart while speaking to the representive. After the little “cut scene” it was gone. Instead there was a hostile raider in the room
(Again, I don’t know if that would be intended)

Was playing with version: 0.C-14015-g7b89ef9 (tiles) | SDL | Win10 32bit