(Bug) Card readers are now uninteresting

If you (e)xamine a card reader you are not told that it is a card reader, and it does not respond with “You need a hacking tool to use this” (or whatever the phrase used to be).

They still work if you have the right card, but you should get some sort of response / description from examining them.

Which two versions do you compare?

Does the 'e’xamine menu even work on everything? I seem to recall some things don’t have any 'e’xamine text.

But using the ‘x’ menu I’m pretty sure everything at least gets its name displayed.

9775 and I’m not sure but it was working as expected up to a week or so I think?

I haven’t tried ‘x’ on them. I will do so next time I’m near one.

i can confirm this on last 4 experimental build, checking the card reader didn’t say anything on the log. which possibly makes player think its broken.