Item Examination Bugs for 0.A (Build 1168)

DDA 0.A 799-gfb86767 (Build 1168) Tiles on Win7 64 bit.

Couple of quick things:

1: Using “x” to look at a stack of items only shows the topmost item and says there are more items beneath it. If you use the mouse in the tiles build, it tells you exactly what is there. (It seems like these examination methods should be feature consistent and both perform the same type of lookup on the items in the tile?)

2: Using “e” to look at an item nearby, the item does not show its storage value. I believe that this menu should include item storage values when applicable. (Storage values are important to both new characters and new players. With new clothing items being added and changed all the time, this seems like it would be a useful tweak.)

3: Using “V” look at all items around you, the storage value for an item is shown on the same line as environmental protection. The problem is that there is no spacing between the protection value, and the word “Storage” making it look like: “Environmental Protection:0Storage: 0” (Storage would preferably have its own line, or atleast have proper spacing.)

Happy bug hunting.

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Thanks for reporting.