Brown coloured items in crafting recipe

I’m sorry if this has already been asked but I couldn’t seem to find any details on this.

Green means you have it
Red means you don’t

I think brown means you can craft that item, but i dont know.

Brown means you need the item both as a tool and as a component, but you only have one, for example to make pebbles you need a rock to smash and something to smash it with (for example, another rock), so if you only have one rock it’ll show up as brown.

You saved my life.

In general, I believe it’s actually that you have all the components, but not the necessary tools.

Ran into this when I kept trying to craft arrows at the beginning of the game, but couldn’t figure out why it was brown. Turns out, I’d forgotten that you need a hammer.

Thank you. That really helps.