Broken limb reversed progress even though nothing has harmed it?

for some aggravating reason my damn broken arm keeps reversing my progress. I haven’t taken the splint off once in more than 3 days and I have barely gotten into any fights, but for some reason the damn thing went from “recovering” all the way back to “started recovery”

what the hell is up with this?

If the arm gets struck it will reset the healing duration. While splinted your arm basically has 1 hp, and any damage at all rebreaks it.

Carrying stuff that’s too heavy could have hurt it. If you let stamina empty, additional carrying does damage. Or might you have run over something in a non-seatbelted vehicle?

The limb getting too cold can also damage it and reset the mending process. If possible it’s best to settle in somewhere and pass the time crafting, reading, etc…

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