Broken limb on follower won't heal

My most trusted companion had her arm broken in a… close encounter… with a skeletal juggernaut. I applied a splint to it, and it seemed to get better; after a few days it was ~60% healed. Then a few days later she says to me she must attend to a wound (she spent the recovery aboard my mobile base, reading) and when I check her wounds I see her arm is now back on 0% healed. The description still says “it is broken, but has been set, and just needs time to heal”, but after several days it’s still on 0%. I am worried she won’t get any better, just when I need every hand I can get building a faction camp. I was going to offer her the position of camp manager, but I need her to be fit for the job! Is there anything I can do to help her arm heal?

Best I can tell you is to try and use debugging. If worse comes to worse you can make a new npc, copy her stats over onto it, and kill her. takes forever but it’s a simple fix

I don’t know if it was fixed or not but there was/is an… old issue… with broken limb healing feedback on NPCs. Basically when the NPC’s limb is mended there is no indicator on the NPC’s @ screen (at least not like there is for the player’s character). I think I’ve read that there will be a log entry (‘P’) when it mends, easily missed. If the limb ‘should’ be healed by now then taking off the splint from the broken limb will reveal the limb not to be broken anymore. If the limb actually wasn’t healed yet this will reset the broken level of the limb.

From your description, if you know they haven’t seen combat, that suggests when the splint comes off the limb won’t show as broken anymore. Can always go with some light savescumming (make a backup of your save, then remove the splint to check).

Ta-da! That was indeed it!