Can I heal my followers?

I have had many followers in the game, but they keep dying from past injuries! They tend to survive a few fights, but then they die because they never seem to heal. I’ve tried to give them bandages, attempted to put bandages on them, trades stuff to them, waited for days… But they won’t heal! Is it just impossible to heal your comrade? Or am I just doing completely wrong? I once had a group of five followers with me that ended up dead just because they couldn’t heal, what a sad way to go, eaten by one single fat zombie…

'e’xamine them.

Unless you’re playing stable - then you can’t.

Or just walk into them and the follower interaction menu pops up automatically. ‘w’ to check on their injuries, bleeding and infections, ‘i’ to use medical supplies on them. But you can also 'c’hat and ask for them to use an item, such as anti-rad meds, limb splints (make sure it’s on the broken limb), or even mutagens, if they trust you enough.

Ah, okay. I figured a lot of that out now, but my friend’s leg won’t stop being labelled green. I used disinfectant but what now? It won’t change anymore. Also, she has this weird sign with her arms, something like: —>>-- What’s that? I thought it might be that she lost her arms, but then how is she wielding a crossbow with no arms? So it can’t be that, right? Or is this just not programmed into the expiramental I’m playing?

The green part means the part is infected, you need antibiotics to save her or hope she survives it on her own. —>>-- means her body part is broken. That can heal if you slap splints on the broken part, alltough i’ve stayed away from npc’s cause they don’t seem to heal at all if you turn of their needs. You need Medical 2 to craft splints

Okay, so your saying that she still has her arms, they are just broken? I didn’t think about that. But that’s a lot better than losing those bits. I can make splints I believe, so that shouldn’t be so much of a problem. So if i get it right, use the disinfectant when the part is blue then it’ll go away, if you leave it for too long it with turn green then you need antibiotics instead.

Side question: Can you get a bionic limb? that would be awesome if you could go that far in bionics. Then I can have both a cyborg army AND a zombie army. Or is it not possible to actually but bionics on your followers, just yourself? that would make me sad.

doubt it. Never tried giving them bionics though, i think you can force mutate them with mutagen. about the bionic limp thing, there is something of sorts, The fusion cannon. Takes your ability to wield 2 hand things for a sort of powerful laser cannon on your arm. I don’t recommend using that bionic cause that negative trait heavily outweighs the positive of a laser cannon on your arm.
If you really wanna have a cybernetic army get the Jury Rigged Robots mod. That one will let you make yourself a makeshift robot army.

Edit: There are a lot of CBM’s you can find that could kinda of give you what you want. Alloy plating for your limbs makes you withstand a lot of shit, you can get bionic claws etc

( The disinfecting part is correct )

Both NPCs I had on my current save heal with their needs turned off. Although I’m using about a month old experimental.

I always choose to have my followers needs on, makes more sense (And I need a bit more balancing cuz I can’t help but do freeform). It would make sense if they healed without needs, otherwise it would be just like the stable version in that matter. (Stable sucks compared to experimental from what I’ve seen)
I noticed that when using any of my items to heal a follower, it doesn’t get used up! Stanley had almost no health, but with one bandage (and a lot of time) he fully recovered since the bandage never got used up. I assume this is a bug, but one of the better ones.