Broken arm bug

I have a broken arm and got it bitten. Now i can not use the disinfectant on it - it says “That arm is broken. It needs surgical sttention”

Well put a splint on it and pray to god that it heals in time, which it probs won’t.

Did we ever get around to having cut off limbs? Hmm…

That sounds like a particularly nasty bug.

As a stopgap, you can eat some antibiotics, or if you’re really lucky and find one, an RX-12 jet injector can be used to cure the infection and also fix your arm at the same time.

You have to wait until the bite progresses into a full inspection before you take them though.

Looking at the code this bug means you also cannot use items to heal bleeding wounds on broken arms. (Not that that matters a lot, as the bleeding effect is broken, and I think bleeding only causes damage to that bodypart).