Brewing mainly distilling

So I’m working on brewing, and I have fermenting vats and a still…but I can’t seem to use the still. You can’t examine it, it doesn’t come up when I hit ‘e’, and I’ve got ‘whiskey wash’ and ‘vodka wash’ in my inventory from previous fermenting runs. Cannot figure out how to distill it, can anyone help me out? Thanks.

It’s a recipe in the crafting menu, if I remember right.

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It’s just a tool with the “distilling” quality.

Well I feel silly now…

Eh, don’t worry, such things happen to all of us, I think :relaxed:

For me one of these moments was when I learned that the grappling hook actually can be used to climb up z-levels

…And also I’m still wondering every day if there’s already a tool or item in the game that can do X and I just haven’t found it (with X being a lot of different things, for example picking up liquids and putting them back into a container).