Alcohol distiller - does it works at all?

i craft distiller from copper cooking pot and two rubber hoses and - and then i say “Activate” to my new distiller, and " you can not do with that" - he reply to me. ??? WTF?
i can not distill myself my lovely homebrew whiskey or vodka - at all? or i miss some?
i open my receipt-book Shift-7 search receipts by tool t:distiller - and get nothing. i can do alcohol-coctails, yes.
but can i - in the general - do selfmade alcohol from rotten fruit juice of somewhat yet? or not?

…two beer or not two beer - it is a question!

You may need to find a recipe book first. The homebrewer’s Bible is what you want.

Make sure you have the correct level of cooking skill

I don’t believe you activate the still like that, I think you use it as a component in crafting recipes.

You did remember to go into the construction menu and “place a still”, right? That should probably be included in the item description.

place a still - i sayd after founding this menupoint randomly. and voyla! :slight_smile:

Smart people say that everything can be broken and repaired, if the fumble for a long time.
Here I am - toyed with the game and found. greater panic than it turned out to be all complicated :slight_smile: