Breaching charges

This wouldn’t be over kill. Trust me. When you get 1 or more hulks coming for you and you see THEM coming through the walls to get you. Running into a dead end alley or room with no windows/doors(had this happen) a 1 pound stretch wall charge would have saved my toon. The charge I mention does work for brick and or dry wall and wood(like a door/wall).

It was used in the film Hitman during his escape from the hotel. He puts it on the wood door.

Place in the center of wall/door. Stretch outward each of the 4 corners and they “stick”. In the movie it was proximity based. But it can be used with a trigger or a timer. Use either and voila! BOOM! goes your wall/door. A higher explosive charge for stronger walls/doors = shutter metal doors; Plexiglass walls; the like.

Cone shaped charges also work well but how about lock poppers? Make one out of a altoid mint tin and place with double sided tape. Pull string/timer/trigger to ignite. Blows locked doors and can be considered small and light. Re-enforce the back on the tin with kevlar or scraps of steel. Double sided tape doesnt even have to be an in game item. It can just be explained in the item description and use extra duct tape + super glue. Caveat= 3M double sided is often clear and has 10lbs grip. So it will hold a lock charge.

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Need sources that aren’t movies for the things you’re calling out being as fast as you claim.
I’m extremely sceptical that you can deploy this kind of thing fast enough to matter if a hulk is chasing you, especially given the need to get clear of the explosion.

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Demolition shaped charges you can buy over the counter with a valid ID in the states. Each state varies and each state has different laws concerning which ID, be it a drivers license or that and a company ID and/or a few others. In short you can find a variety of these even in the UK. Some are less interested in safety for when you need to get clear. As simple as a L shaped bar with explosive puddy in the groove.

I’m on a public PC mate. Not a good thing to look this kinda thing up. Sadly even for fiction they garner someone watching =(