Brass catcher on mounted guns?

It occured to me that the main potential for lost casings is having the ones ejected from the mounted M249 being crushed by my APC’s wheels (or simply being overlooked, them lying under the car).
I decided to remove the M249, attach a brass catcher and went to remount it. Alas, it seems that while an “M249” can be used to install a “mounted M249” in a vehicle, an “M249+” is not.
Is there some trick I’m unaware of, or is this simply not implemented yet? (either allow to mount modded guns, or allow brass catchers to be installed to a amounted gun, similar to how alternators can be (only) installed where there is already a motor present.

At the moment there is no way. Gun mods can’t be installed on the mounted guns due to how vehicle parts store the items used to build them (not as items but only as item names). Adding this feature wouldn’t be trivial and might require a major redesign of how turrets are handled.

Implementing the brass catcher specifically could be done separately (it would need to be handled individually anyway) without much redesigning, though. May try doing it after I stop fiddling with manually aimed turrets.

I think it’s ok that mounted guns do not profit from the optimization that one can bestow on handhelds through mods, but worrying about shell casings (one of the few irreplacable ressources, iirc) takes the fun out of racing through town with turrets on full auto :slight_smile:

(btw, what is the established forum etiquette regarding acknowleging usefull replies vs. keeping the signal-to-noise ratio low? I usually refrain from posting “thanks” if it does not add anything to the discussion, but don’t want to seem unappreciative…)

When I shot through all my M2 Browning ammo, I was pondering what to do. I didn’t have that much supplies to reload it all

so I made it into a .50 cal rifle. Those 100 shells I was able to go find, got reloaded and are much more fun to shoot now!

Last night I decided to have more fun. Installed a 2nd seat, 5 point hardness inside my back door of the vehicle.

I’ll drive straight faster than zeds can go, ‘let go’ of the wheel in cruise control, and shoot out the back/side. I only wish I could see the full range of the .50 cal. (135)

A Scope should totally add to ‘viewable’ shooting distance.

This is why you install secondary controls and a 5 point harness in front of your back door as a backup.

If that’s the main thing you want it wouldn’t be unreasonable to just include an integrated brass catcher with the turret.

Only thing that stopped me from suggesting that was whether we’d require some additional part/crafting for the job.

As stated, my proposal would be to have the option to install a brass catcher at a location where there is already a turret, similar to alternators attached to motors or swappable storage batteries in their cases.
but if that is too complicated, then it’s pobably safe to assume that the crafty Survivor would just integrate a catcher when he installs a gun as turret.