Brand new beta: Raw JSON Browser

Try it out at:

It’s not meant to be a clone of the ‘current’ item browser, though you can use it for that (‘less easily’), or for much more (‘unique feature’).

Functionality-wise it’s at what I want it to be (given my despise of JavaScript ‘frameworks’; I always wanted sortable/filterable tables… :/). Current work is on making it easily accessible. Point here is for you to have something useful (especially for modders and tile artist), and for me to get feedback from you.

Feel free to file github issues (the preferred way), or you can always leave me a message on IRC.

Awesome site! I told you in IRC, but this gives me a lead on what to do about the ascii cyan periods that show up on concrete floors.

Update: The app now auto-updates the JSONs every 4 hours to the latest commit; code is available on GitHub.

If anyone is willing to host it somewhere suitable please contact me (here, IRC, email).

Change log:

[ol][li]Full-fledged regexp queries[/li]
[li]Sortable search result tables[/li]
[li]Keyboard navigation between panels[/li]
[li]Hopefully better error reporting[/li]
[li]Simple help panel[/li]
[li]Panels are color-coded (because rainbow FTW!)[/li]
[li]Frontend reports its version[/li]
[li]Frontend validates as HTML5[/li]
[li]Backend skips blobs with non-string ‘id’ keys[/li]
[li]Backend doesn’t panic on malformed queries[/li][/ol]

I don’t think it’s beta anymore.

That’s cool

It also now gobbles-up mod data and identifies blob sources. Plus probably some bug-fixes accrued over the time.

^.^ way to go community loving awesome peoples!