Additional tools and fun stuff

CDDA Raw JSON Browser:

This is not a clone of the item browser. It’s more useful to tile artist, modders and in general people can read JSON.

It also updates the JSON files hourly and doesn’t bother with ‘stable’.

I’ve already mentioned it at the Garage, which probably wasn’t the best place for what I apologise.

Catabot aka CopperTube:

The #CataclysmDDA’s CopperTube bot. Has some more-or-less CDDA specific plugins, but in general it’s a modular IRC bot framework which also provides Web interface infrastructure. Feel free to come up with more CDDA specific plugins.


A toy script to convert your save’s seen data to a giant image of visited areas. Visually appealing and can give you the bragging rights for exploration. Features/improvements are most welcome.


SO the first one can help me make a tileset for a mod?