Unskilled but want to help

Hey all, so I don’t really have a whole lot of coding experience (I’ve heard the JSON is pretty easy though) but I wanted to help contribute if I can and was wondering if there’s any particular tasks I can tackle for y’all? (I know there’s a guide for new contributors, I’m just wondering if there’s anything particularly helpful I can try at?) Big shoutout to all the contributors too, past and present, this is literally the second game behind the original Super Smash Bros. that I’ve enjoyed for this many years, so I want to really thank everyone who’s helped make this so great.

There’s a whole list of tagged Good First Issues, things that have been highlighted as issues that mostly aren’t difficult to fix and just need a hand at the wheel to do it. Should be a great point to start in. Your probably looking for JSON flagged ones as well, lots of stuff of “this item has weird properties”, fixing crafting inputs/outputs, or just researching “How long should an umbrella be” type stuff.

Only thing to keep in mind is that this exact moment, most of the project is in some level of content freeze as the next major release is polished up. You can absolutely still work on these issues as normal, just don’t expect most of them to be merged in until the first experimentals after said release.

Greatly appreciated on the informative reply! Yeah, I remember hearing about the content freeze, but with my (lack of) skills I kinda figured I’d be of a assistant-support role to help smooth out the stuff some the current contributors have back-burnered, so this perfect. Thanks again and looking forward to submitting my first contributions!