Brand cereal mod


The purpose of this mod is to expand the food you could eat in the morning. (I know you could eat this all day in cdda) I don’t feel there’s enough varied food out in the cataclysm, I want to expand that. (until it gets clunky ill have to work something out) plus cdda is very lacking on the cereal front. its part of a larger mod that will be integrated into later currently one of the first near finished parts. yet to name the mod but it will be story-driven and I’ve written out a small bandit line, I hope missions get expanded at some point to allow proper storylines ability to do things with npc or vehicles coordinate a strike with the force around for example.

Part 1

  • [x] Add extra cereal recipes
  • [x] Add Cereal
  • [x] Add Drinks
  • [x] Add Cereal bars
  • [x] Add Granola
  • [x] Add Porridge
  • [x] Add Porridge pots

Part 2

  • [x] Add better descriptions
  • [x] Fix weight and volume
  • [x] Better postapoc_price and price
  • [x] Improve fun (most likely a lesser value)
  • [x] Add more code to individual items
  • [x] Better abstracts

Part 3

  • [x] Add other types of food that can be added to Breakfast
  • [x] Add a way to make cereal less abstracted on result (unless it works)
  • [x] Add a way to add water/milk to porridge and requiring a container (recipes, more)

Last things todo

  1. [x] Write a new before merge
  2. [x] Rename mod

needs more food? i dunno what you mean~ gnaws on raw barley plant


lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i want cereal :ear_of_rice:

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cereal items should fill quench too
i’m looking at you oatmeal…

Make sure the recipes also accept milk and beer for the liquid ingredients!

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it will this mod is W.I.P look at all of it, its not finished and will be different time its done, first instance isn’t about everything working right its about everything being there, everything is currently in abstracts if you mean that theres no quench its currently at -10