wouldn’t be awesome to have a Boxer profession or fighting style??? imagine your survivor trowing quick jabs, straights and uppers to KO zombies permanently!

Boxer would have some points in dodge and unarmed combat, also some blocks

You could start with a boxing short, no shirt, boxing boots and glooves

There’s a martial arts rework in progress, boxing definitely has a place there IMO.

Boxing gloves!


Heavy weapons guy roleplay.

Or Rocky Balboa roleplay.

I’m pretty sure if you want to do serious damage you’ll either want to go bare-knuckled or use brass knuckles or similar.

I’m not sure using cushioning tools is unlikely to make for an effective combat weapon. However, a recipe where you can take boxing gloves and some metal and make a Cestus (metal plated boxing glove) would certainly be fun.

Still, boxing gloves on their own are actually unlikely to reduce the amount of damage done to zombies when compared to bare knuckle strikes because of their particular physiology, and would more likely increase it slightly by allowing the wearer to more safely launch more powerful attacks.

IIRC boxing gloves are just as much to protect your fists as stop you battering the other guy.
Even with gloves it’s pretty common for cuts/gashes/bleeding to occur when someone is hit in the head. If they can’t stop the bleeding, or the cut reopens matches can be forced to a doctor stop AKA sometimes a technical knockout.
There’s a reason pro boxers aren’t supposed to get into street fights.

If a fighter in a pro ring takes enough body blows he’ll start having trouble getting enough oxygen and could start showing signs of cyanosis. Again, an uppercut to the chin/jaw/solar plexus can be devastating for any number of reasons, notably concussion.

For the last point, it’s actually a damn technical sport. Power boxers, endurance, technical specialists etc…
Some matches can be absolutely amazing. The only problem I can see is that depending on the weight class, some would need to bulk up or lose horrendous amounts of weight in time for the match (remember rocky sweating like hell? it’s that.)
Thankfully that wouldn’t really apply in a survival situation.

That said, if you could use martial arts with brass/spiked knuckles everything would be glorious. Can’t wait until it’s implemented.

FWIW I seem to recall taping one’s hands, too–that’s supposed to forestall injuring yourself.

The main danger of punching is splitting your own knuckles or compacting your own wrists. The minimalist gloves of MMA fighters are enough to protect against splitting usually. The “puffy” boxing gloves are more to protect against horrible lacerations to the opponents face, particularly around the eyes (yes, hands can “cut”). Neither type of gloves protect the wrist really, so “limp wristed” boxers often don’t have long careers. MMA fighters in a 15-25 min bout throw far fewer punches than in a 27 - 36 min boxing bout, so even though the punches are more “bare knuckled” generally speaking MMA fighters don’t look quite so mangled as boxers after a fight. In fact a lot of people feel that MMA is safer than boxing despite its “brutality” because the lack of glove padding means that the fights are decided by a few decisive blows to the head rather than 500+ light blows that turn into one big concussion the next day. Well, safer for the face/brain. Not so much for the joints arm bar

The problem with MMA being more brutal is the kicks, elbows and locks, these moves can do serious damage and you don’t have protection for it

Yes, though you rarely see a devastating elbow shot at pro levels. It’s actually pretty hard to set up with even a moderate defense, because of reach. Usually it’s a mounted defender pulling in and harrying a ground and pounder or clinched fighters just trying to demoralize/piss each other off. As for kicks, well, those are very brutal yes, though in their defense it only takes one kick to knock someone out, so at least the fight is guaranteed to be over after a headshot. The grapples though are terrible, no question, I once saw a fight where the “most technical” mounter in the sport got someone from behind, rear naked choke, AGH! The guy was so brave, he held on for like 30 seconds basically not breathing, but the other guy was like a starfish opening a clam and eventually blood gouted out of the victim’s nose and he tapped. >_>

Kickboxing! My dad was once a kick boxer and was apparently a champion. I don’t believe him. He also did Muay Thai. He was great at that as well.