Title says it all. The gentlemanly art of punching people in the liver, face and chin. Really damn hard.

I’m thinking of writing a martial arts entry for boxing, maybe with an associated skillbook and a building (boxing gym). Any ideas or tips?

[ul][li]Arm block[/li]
[li]No Leg block. Perhaps gain a dodge for moving (footwork)[/li]
[li]Jab (rapid/fast)[/li]
[li]Straight (+dmg)[/li]
[li]Bodyblow (+Stun)[/li]
[li]Uppercut (+Dmg, stun/knockback?)[/li][/ul]

There’s counters too, but I don’t think I’d even have a clue where to begin.
Any critiques/suggestions/tips etc lemme know.

I like it, boxing should get some love.

Combo attack at a higher level maybe, 2 quick punches then a +damage one.

Would be a good addition to current martial arts-related traits.

I made a case for boxing ((and wrestling)) a ways back in another thread, so here’s my two cents from back then:


  • Boxing’s first ability and something to set it apart from the others could be doubling up on the jab ((gamewise this should be a weaker punch attack that precludes your normal strike)) As in real life this would be the boxer’s work horse and really start to shine once they get feint and rapid attack.
  • Secondly, when a boxer eats a melee strike to the head give them a chance to straight up CROSS COUNTER that sucker–attacking the attacker during his turn. This should be distinct from counter-attack in some way, maybe through an auto-crit or stunning the enemy?
  • Have you seen Rocky? Give boxer’s an ability that occasionally mitigates the pain ((but not damage)) they suffer from a blow to the head or body.

Nice suggestions Logrin, thanks.

I’ve finished the basic stuff. contributions thread