Allow some mobs to wear/weild items

Simple enough suggestion - currently all Z are naked. If they have clothes in their inventory, why not have them be wearing said clothes?

A class of mob that picks up and wields items would definately make things Fun. Currently NPCs are the most interesting opponents, as they can use the same array of items that make the player so dangerous.

They are wearing clothes, they just dont survive most fights in well enough condition to be any use. Also they are wielding things, like batteries and butter knives.

Zeds are braindead. They only have one desire-- to feed. If they died holding stuff, so be it when they attack there’s probably gonna be fire axes and shit flying everywhere-- However all the lurching, lunging and smashng they do would mean all their clothes are pretty much tattered. wouldn’t be suprised if some of them lost limbs to broken glass.

However for the cop and soldier zombies yeah, they really should have body armour on them, and soldier zombies should get battered helmets too. instead of ‘Plink’ your .45 bounces off a strong hide! I realize it’s probably a placeholder or something to indicate that they’re wearing armour but still. also my last attack on soldier Z was a critical to the head, for 0 dmg. I was pissed. Then I lured them into bushes and pelted them with spears until they died, since bullets wouldn’t work.

Classic case of Rock beats lazer :smiley: