Boiling water should work like fermenting eggs or yeast

Considering how crucial boiling water in the game is and how often you’ll be doing it, I feel like a huge quality of life improvement would be not having to spend time actually boiling the water. I think about 80% of the time I spend when my character is afflicted with a flu is boiling water, and by the time the water is done my character is too exhausted to do anything but sleep, instead of having been able to read a book while waiting for the body to recover.

Instead of sitting there watching your pot boil, I suggest we instead just use the code we already have with how eggs fermenting works with “type”: “delayed_transform”

If you find a container that won’t burn, fill it with water and drop it in a fire, eventually you’ll have clean water (hot). No need to use the crafting menu.
This works with anything from a tin can to a 200L steel drum. It really should be advertised more, it’s too bad you can make descriptions for the recipes so it could get mentioned there.


I certainly agree “passive” water boiling isn’t advertised. It took a couple of (real world) years before I saw someone point out that was possible. It made a drug addict start a lot easier when you weren’t forced to drink unsafe water and get associated diseases because you were too depressed to do any “crafting”.

I’m not sure it’s even documented in game. It’s been awhile since I looked through the in-game help though. I found out about it through hearsay as well.