Boil water with tin can. Still has chicken in it

Ver: 069e45e

Simplythat. I can boil water and the only tin can in my vicinity has chicken in it. no other devices around. The water better get turned to broth if i do that!

Maybe you’re boiling the water in the chicken.

WHAT? Im in a LMOE, using the woodstove next to a puddle thing boiling water and dumping it into a canteen using a tin can of chicken. I haven’t eaten any of it.

So it doesn’t check that the tin is empty, that sounds likely. I’ll look into it.

Thanks. I had no boiling devices until i stood next to the chicken and checked my crafting menu. It confused the hell out of me, then i thought it through and used the can with chicken in it anyway. *side note: The water was delicious.

Most likely reason: check for tool qualities accepts items with content as it does not check for emptiness. This was probably no problem in the earlier state as only real tools had a tool quality, but now other non-tool items like containers have qualities, too.