Single things

Since we have separate sides for body parts now (I love whoever did that, by the way), can we get/make/convert existing armor to only on one leg/hand/arm? Finding and wearing one elbow pad sounds really cool for me for some reason. Or have a new menu for putting on gloves on one hand.

And question, if we have differing encumbrance levels for our arms (lets say 2 on our left arm and 0 on our right arm) how effected will the player’s fighting skill be?

That’s possible now, but we held it back from the initial PR because we hadn’t worked out how to handle equipping: whether to default to people manually de/equipping each and every item (You take off your right boot, your put on your right rollerblade, you take off your left boot, you put on your left rollerblade) or default to handling gear as pairs (more or less as it is now: take off pair of boots, put on pair of rollerblades).

Not yet worked out, but i2amroy’s working on it.

Eh. That’s how DF does it. And I don’t see many people complain about it :s

Eh. That’s how DF does it. And I don’t see many people complain about it :s[/quote]

I have heard generalized complaints about DF’s overly complex interface. One of the many reasons I’ve never bothered trying to play it.

What we really should have is the holsters/sheath/whatever kind of stuff going onto one leg, not both of them. Now it’s kinda strange )

Reckon it would be possible to make gloves and boots and the like paired by default, then have them (a)ctivatable to ask to un-pair them?

How about disassembling a pair yielding two singular items, using one item on another pair-able item of the same type (or category if possible) will make a pair?

Would reduce microing for a pair of shoes or gloves or so, making it possible to die as a zombie with on glove.