Bodies as ingredients(and some other questions)

Right now, i am messing with recipes and items to create “dormant minion” item (something like an inactive manhack, except after activating it becomes a friendly zombie).
So here is my question - can i use “human body” item as an ingredient? Where in all those .json files are bodies located? Is my guess that “human body” item is called “body_human” correct?
Also, is there any difference between human and zombie blood(or blood of the player and any other blood)? When i drew blood from different corpses using the “vacutainer” it was listed differently - “vacutainer of human blood”, “vacutainer of zombie blood” or “vacutainer of rattlesnake blood”. It seemed to all have the same effects, and there was only one “blood” comestible item in “comestibles.json”. I wanted recipies to strictly require human blood or blood of the player character(but i guess that’s asking a bit too much).
My last question - i am sure, that i will encounter some problems when trying to make minions “activate” and “deactivate” like manhacks. Should i then post my questions about “activation” here, or make another thread?
Thanks in advance, i can’t wait to craft my undead hordes.

Here’s a thing about the lore: The Goo animated the zombies. They don’t need blood to shamble around. Make the recipe have those goo/slime globs instead of blood. No offence meant.

There should be a modified goo to make zombies behave like minions. Maybe it could be awesome to find them in the labs, along other goos that could convert them into tougher and hostile versions. All of the goo containers should have labels, and those labels should have different names, so it would be like “A container of Goo X37-B”. You should read the consoles to know if it’s good or not, and then you would combine it.

I am just mindblowing, but ok.

I don’t think you can make corpses to crafting materials. Maybe make them cost like 20 tainted meat and 10 bones?

I suspect that zombies need to be infected when they are still alive. I could be wrong, and presumably lore doesn’t matter so much in mods…

My guess is that using player blood is a form of imprinting so the zombies will treat the player as their master.
The blood in the vacutainer has a reference to the type of creature it was drawn from stored in it, in the “corpse” field.

If you were going to check this, it would be something like:

if( my_vacutainer.contents.empty() ) {
    add_msg( m_bad, _("The vacutainer is empty!") );
if( my_vacutainer.contents[0].corpse->id == "human" ) {
    // do cool stuff.

But a suggestion if you specifically want it to be the player’s blood, have it never make a blood item at all, just have it cause the effect of drawing the blood (damage, pain?) when you use it to either make some substance or revive the corpse.

Thanks for the tip, and yes - blood was for making a “revival serum”(blob+blood+marloss berries(berries so it won’t be THAT easy to make an army)) and imprinting larger creatures. Primitive blobs will just have a chip that gives them electric stimulation to move, attack, etc.
I think i will just add a vacutainer as a tool in making things that require player’s blood and meat, fat , bones and fur(zombears and such) when making minions. I am not sure about the pain/damage though because my character didn’t suffer either when using a vacutainer on himself.
Anyway, when i have other problems with this mod, should i post it here, or make another thread?