Bob's Mods

Heyo everyone I’ve been tinkering with stuff and thought I’d put out what I make to here for the enjoyment of anyone interested.

Download Link (V.1.2): Dropbox
-Bronson Acolyte Profession (New starting trait [boxing], 3 3 melee and unarmed) – At the moment it’s called “The Bronson”, might keep it like that
-Bronson Acolyte Scenario (Starts in boxing gym)
-New Armor: The Fake Bronson Stache (10 warmth)
-New Armor: The round shades (I swear these are already in the game somewhere, couldn’t find them so I added them myself)
-New Monster: The Acolyte (first stages, spawn in boxing gyms)
-Start of a seperate boxing gym that will have the dungeon

-Flesh out Bronson Acolyte monster, fix the drops so it drops robes and boxing gloves. Reduce number that spawn and have them spawn in prisons
-Make Zombie Boxer mob, maybe even some kind of zombie Bronson acolyte horror for the post-mentioned special gym dungeon
-Add more Bronson and boxer related clothing (why not?)
-Add Charles Bronson (Shia Labeouf-tier rare) himself
-Add a special boxing gym w/ temple basement full of weirdos, maybe some locked up super zombies you can release in a hilarious fashion

-Added round sunglasses, fixed mustache being heavy (how did I miss that one kek)
-Added second boxing gym, this variant is full of acolytes, doesn't yet spawn on the overmap
-Added acolyte monster, doesn't yet spawn naturally

Basically I’m going to brainstorm a bunch of fucked up machines and add them. Should be fun.
Download Link (V.1): Dropbox |
-Doll mob with Krek-tier creepy doll dialogue included

-Come up with more bots
-Make proper loot for the doll, add appropriate items including corpse that breaks down into doll and mechanical parts
-Some kind of related building
-Make the dolls spawn in mansions or an appropriate building of the sort (maybe make an orphanage?)

-Updated description of the mob

Future Mod Plans:
-Find a way to make crazy region generators
-More factions once the first two are finished
-Make flag pole and football goal post and submit them to the git (related because… it just is okay!)
-Add Murrican stuff
-Make joke North Korean faction mod

Color Code:
Green = Profession
Blue = Scenario
Purple = Building
Red = Item
Navy = Monster

Please inform me if something is borked so I can bash it with N++ until it works.

Interesting, I will keep tabs in this mod. I see if I find any bugs in my json dives.

oh heys.

Mediafire has now officially topped my list of the derpiest and utterly uselessly restrictive file hosting sites. Get google drive, get onedrive, wrap this thing in a zipfile…something.
/BEGINSARCASM Would you like to download MULTIPLE files? What kind of raving nutjob downloads more than one file at a time?!? For this, you must surely upgrade to a PRO account! /ENDSARCASM
#whatgives #getarealhost #don’tbeoffended,i’mtiredandcranky…i’lldownloadthisanotherday.

Those are a lot of hashtags… I have to do something then.
This is why I miss megaupload.

Use dropbox.

Only thing about that is I cant tell how many DLs my own dropbox mod has on it.

Something kinda sneaky and underhanded to do would be creating a shortened link to your download via That will allow you to track how many clicks the link has received. I just discovered this feature, I think I’ll start using it for my own mods.

Updated the file host.

Good idea actually, I’ll do that the next time I append something.

In order to not double post I deleted the above and remade it with this tidbit:
Update to Bronsonmod, 1.2 adds:
-Acolyte mob, drops are borked
-Boxing gym_b, not yet on the overmap, need to fix the spawn rate of the acolytes (currently spawns a ton)

I also need to make the doll spawn in mansions, I’ll get on that when I work on gym_b and the acolyte