A idea for vehicles. windowed boards

so i think the option to have a windowed board would be nice. i just feel that using a quarterboard in a row of full boards would not work well. and yes window boards would be cable of being covered in a curtain and blocking out light. and can be looked through but not boarded up. personally i would say its more of a add on to a board. so it would be frame-board-window/reinforced window(same as a reinforced windshield)-curtains.

What’s the exact distinction between a reinforced windshield and a windowed board? Both block movement, and you can see through both of them.

i was saying the windowed board would have the option to have the window be reinforced and would take the same items to craft as a reinforced and its more a looks thing. no windshields randomly placed to count as windows just boards with windows

Well, I suggest you open an PR for them then.